2019 Wardrobe Refresh

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With 2019 well underway it’s important you stay on trend in the new year. We stock a vast amount of clothing that will tailor to any new trend or style, whether it’s branded jumpers or skinny jeans we will undoubtedly have the piece of clothing you’re looking for mynamedgifts.co.uk.Vintage Style Believe it or not, vintage style is the number one fashion trend said to take the high street this year. Many fashion trends will be giving us a blast from the past with lots of animal print & tassels, as well as slogan t-shirts from the 1980’s and boyfriend jeans & oversized tops from the 1990’s. With vintage predicted to slay, we have just the staple pieces for your wardrobe.Chic ClothingAnother trend we’re expected to see this year is chic clothing. The summer of 2019 will all be about returning to simplicity, whether its undyed & raw cotton or natural, low-impact linens, the trend will inspire us all to take a simple yet elegant approach.Thick Soled Footwear Chunky soled footwear is a tricky trend to handle but can really make an outfit when styled correctly. In order to create that edgy & formal look, pairing your thick soled shoes with a white outfit is an all-time favourite on the high street and expected to make a return this year. Thick sole trainers are also a cool attribute, especially when paired with mom jeans & a baggy t-shirt keeping in trend with those 90’s vibes.Vintage fashion, chic clothing & thick soled footwear are three trends worth baring in mind for the oncoming year. When giving your wardrobe a refresh remember that 90’s fashion is coming back in, along with metallics and all things vintage.We source & grade the best vintage clothing from around the world ensuring you will receive the highest standard of vintage clothing allowing you to wear our one of a kind vintage treasures. For more information about us and our clothing feel free to browse the rest of our website or e-mail us at @info@thevintagewholesalecompany.comEnds.

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