2020 Mens Fashion Trends You Can Make Vintage

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Just because you prefer to shop vintage doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the latest fashion trends. Shopping for vintage versions of the latest trend is good for the environment, cheaper and makes your look unique. Here are some of this year’s men’s fashion trends that you can make vintage.

Collar Up

Get your chest out with the return of bold Cuban collars (think Elvis meets Tony Montana). With a distinctive collar and shorts sleeves, they’re a fantastic way of jazzing up any outfit. You can wear them with a bold pair of trousers or keep it simple with some plain shorts. Luckily, we have a range of men’s vintage Cuban collar shirts in all sorts of styles.

High or Low?

We are taking you back to the 40s with this trend. High waisted trousers are thriving thanks to Harry Styles. This flattering vintage style makes for a versatile, classic get-up and it looks great all year round. Aim to have them on the waist or higher and get that original 40s look.

Patch It Up

The crazier the better, wild patchwork prints look great on everyone and make for a fantastic statement piece. You can even remaster your own from our vintage stock or find some vintage styles for yourself.

Bigger the Better

80s oversized blazers are the foundation of all outfits now a days, in fact the bigger the better when it comes to this trend. Don’t faf around with sizes, just find the biggest one you can and run with it! Pair with a funky shirt and jeans and you’ll basically be ready for London Fashion Week.

Don’t look like everyone else who shops on the high-street, we have a wide range of mens vintage clothing to keep you on-trend all year round. To find out more about our range of vintage stock contact us on 01482 216862.


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