Autumn/Winter Trends

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As we move into the colder months the trends are changing with the seasons. Here are the new and upcoming trends of autumn/winter 2019 that you can keep up to date within terms of vintage clothes for men and women.

The 80s

The vintage 1980s vibes are back and in full swing (with an upgrade of course). We can expect to see the 1980s influence popping up in all upcoming trends in one way or another. Power suits, leather biker trousers, bold bright colours and shapes, oversized clothes, and much more. Vintage clothing stores are a gold mine for 80s clothing.


Leather is back in all forms: from the classic leather jacket to leather trousers. We can already see different styles of leather trousers on the high street, but vintage is always better. A lot of people consider the leather jacket a staple in their wardrobe and we always have a great selection of vintage leather to choose from whether that be vintage leather jackets, trousers, dresses or leather duster coats.

Colour Crush

Bright colours are here to stay! There’s no need to dampen your colour palette when winter comes around. Instead, keep the summer vibe going with bright florescent block colours and tones. Bold colours are a great way to make any outfit stand out, why not be brave and try a block colour outfit? People are loving the full top-to-toe look inspired by Jacquemus and Balenciaga.




We’ve all seen the blazer trend during the summer. People are wearing large, oversized vintage blazers in all sorts of ways. The 80s vintage-inspired trend is continuing into winter but with a bit of a twist: broad power shoulders. Why not get your own vintage blazer and try different ways of styling it? Here are a few different ways of styling your blazer: a blazer, blouse and skirt, with cycling shorts and a t-shirt, wear it as a dress or even go all out and wear the full suit.

Total Squares

Forget barely-there sandals. Square toe boots are in and they are BOLD. The trend stems from the square strappy heels we saw throughout the summer. The original summer trend has been adapted to suit our cold British weather with closed-toe square boots and heels. Why not take a look at our men’s and women’s vintage shoes, online and instore.

Big Coats

The bigger the better. Big coats are a staple for winter but this year they seem to be making more of a statement. From large, oversized fur coats to extra puffy puffer jackets and duster jackets, we will be extra warm this winter. The VWC has an array of vintage men’s and women’s coats to choose from that you could style fitted or oversized depending on your look.

These are just a few of the trends that we expect to see this autumn and winter. Don’t look like everyone else who shops on the high street, The VWC stock a wide range of vintage and remastered one of a kind pieces that you can make your own. We want to make sure you're unique and on-trend all year round. You can pop down and pick your own items, buy per kilo or we can get an expert picker to pick for you. To find out more about ways to buy visit this link.

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