Benefits of Buying Vintage Clothing in Bulk

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Scouring the web and the rails of vintage stores for individual items can be time consuming and often unsuccessful. In 2023, many are turning to vintage wholesalers and buying vintage clothing in bulk for their vintage businesses — here’s why you should too…

Greater Variety

By purchasing vintage wholesale clothes in bulk, you will receive a larger variety of clothes than if you were sourcing individual pieces or smaller collections.


Vintage clothing should be an inclusive hobby and by purchasing vintage clothing from a UK vintage wholesale supplier, you increase the chance of receiving clothing in a wide variety of sizes and being able to cater for a greater audience.


As well as receiving a greater range of sizes, you are more likely to receive a broader range of clothing styles. This can include branded wholesale vintage clothing and wholesale designer vintage clothing. However, if you cater for a specific gender or clothing style, we offer the ability to handpick items.

Better Value for Money

Bulk buying vintage clothing usually reduces the cost per item. This means one of two things — you can either increase your profit margins and maintain your prices, or you can reduce the cost of the item for the customer and potentially increase sales.It also means that you could recieve some rare branded wholesale vintage clothing or wholesale designer vintage clothing for a fraction of the price — bonus!

Quality of Clothes

You may be under the impression that receiving a variation of quality is a negative, but this is not true! The clothes that we offer at the Vintage Wholesale Company range from good to excellent condition. remade vintage clothing is a popular trend at the moment and by offering clothes of a ‘good’ quality rather than ‘excellent’ means the customer can pick items more affordably to add their own personal touches to.Discover our ways to buy.

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