Best Tips for Reselling Vintage Clothes

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When people buy vintage clothes in bulk, they’re typically buying so that they can resell the clothes through their own channels. It’s an incredibly exciting and profitable venture however it can sometimes be tricky to grow, especially since vintage clothing has become so popular. Here are some of our best tips for reselling vintage clothes.

Sourcing From the Best

When it comes to reselling vintage clothing, you need to get the original stock in the first place. The best way to source vintage clothing to re-sell is by purchasing your stock in bulk from a trusted supplier. By purchasing your vintage clothing stock in bulk, you will be paying less per item whilst getting a lot more for your money, allowing your profits to see more growth.When you buy with The Vintage Wholesale Company, not only are you getting some of the best prices on the market, but you also have complete peace of mind — getting only the best of the best!

Doing Your Research

Another crucial part of running a successful vintage clothing reselling business is doing thorough research. No two vintage pieces are the same and therefore researching is essential. The first thing to research for your business is the niche you want to focus on. Vintage clothing comes in all sorts of styles and sizes. Do you want to focus on a specific era? Or maybe a specific type of clothing like sportswear. By focusing on one type of clothing, you’re able to become an expert in that area. By growing your knowledge, you will be growing your business. The next crucial thing is to research the prices of similar products to what you’re selling. When considering the price of your products, there are a few important factors to consider. The most important way to determine a price is by researching the rarity of your product, the age of the item, the brand and the demand. Once all of this has been researched, you should be able to determine an appropriate price.

Quality Photos & Descriptions

If you’re running an online store to resell your vintage clothing, your customers are purchasing from a visual point of view. One of the first things they will see is the product image, the next thing will typically be the product description. Ensuring these are both of the best quality will help put you above your competitors. To get high-quality images, we’d strongly recommend taking the pictures against a white backdrop or using a model with a background that captures the colours and styles of the product. Editing the images is also an important step in making the images appealing. When writing product descriptions, you should try and make them sound as engaging as possible whilst also sounding natural. The product should be described in detail, with the condition and sizing clearly stated.

Growing Your Vintage Clothing Business with The VWC

If you run a vintage clothing reselling business or are considering entering the vintage clothing industry, now is the perfect time to start! Summer is ending and the colder weather is on its way, Winter ‘23 could be your first selling season. Take a look at our website to see our huge range of products, and start your bulk-buy vintage clothing journey today!

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