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Individuality is key in the fashion world, why wear something that someone else might be wearing? We want our customers to ooze style and nostalgia, our vintage items are just that.We’ve all saved money and picked up some one of a kind pieces here and there, but for us impatient folk, what could be better than the idea of bulk buying?When considering vintage clothing, who knows what you’re going to get? A blast from the 60’s or some leg warmers from 1982, the element of surprise is always exciting. That is why buying per kilo provides you with an array of timeless pieces from the past.At VWC we’re fortunate that we have multiple suppliers from around the world who ship orders to us on a regular basis, this gives us great variation amongst all our clothing. With variation comes uniqueness, so no more worrying about bumping into a matching outfit when you’re out and about.It’s all well and good buying your favorite exclusive items, but when you buy in bulk you’re actually saving money, so it’s a much cheaper alternative. Why not push the boat out with your sense of style and slip into something slightly out of your comfort zone? Being fashionable is all about trying new things, when you buy in bulk chances are you’re going to find an unusual piece.When you buy per kilo you will receive a mix of both grade A and B stock, but that doesn’t deny the excitement of buying a batch of top quality items that you can guarantee will last. The price per kilo does reflect the grade, but all in all it’s much cheaper than buying per item, so why not get stuck in and find your own sense of individuality in our clothing.Buying in bulk can seem daunting, especially if you haven’t handpicked them yourself, with our bulk buying comes the luxury of a tester batch, this will determine whether our timeless pieces fit with your sense of style. We can ship out as little as 1 box or as many as 10.Believe it or not it doesn’t end there, if you thought buying per kilo was exciting, how about purchasing a whole pallet full of vintage treasures. These can be shipped not just in the UK, but across Europe too. You can hand pick your items yourself or feel free to leave it in the hands of our expert team.For our vintage wholesale lovers, we even provide 20ft and 40ft containers of vintage clothing, mainly for specialized customers that prefer a seasonal mix. Just imagine the timeless pieces you could find in a container big enough to fit the 60’s in itself.

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