How to incorporate vintage pieces into your wardrobe?

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Adding vintage pieces can provide uniqueness to your wardrobe with a range of one-off pieces and caters to plenty of styles, whether you are into streetwear or boho fashion.

Transform your wardrobe into a timeless masterpiece with our guide on the must-have vintage pieces.


Women's Vintage Clothing 


A-Line Skirts

An A-line skirt is a staple in any wardrobe that you can pair with a blouse for a smarter look. For a more fun look, you can add a patterned shirt and tights so you can wear them in the colder months. 


Vintage Accessories

Whether you add a piece of jewellery or a silk scarfaccessories can be an easy way to elevate your outfit and make your outfit more vintage. In the summer, pairing a festival outfit or a floral dress with retro sunglasses can also add uniqueness to your overall look.


Bold prints

Patterns like polka dots and florals are iconic in vintage fashion. Generally, your patterned pieces are the overall statement in your outfit, whether that be a floral dress, patterned blouse or a handbag with an eye-catching design.


Vintage Denim Jeans 

From classic Levis to Wrangler, vintage denim jeans can add some charm to your outfit, with many styles being one of a kind and being more of a sustainable option when sourcing new denim. You can never have too much denim, so adding a vintage denim jacket can create the ultimate double-denim look.



Men's Vintage Clothing


Graphic tees

A T-shirt and jeans are the ultimate casual look and can be paired with a denim or leather jacket. To fully elevate this staple, you can wear a graphic tee with a stunning design or a t-shirt with our favourite band. 


Vintage knit jumper

vintage knit can be the perfect layering piece and can add some texture to your outfit. A classic and timeless look can be achieved through a simple cable knit, or you can add some uniqueness to your outfit with a fair isle patterned jumper. 


Vintage Leather Jackets

Adding on a leather jacket can finish off a look for both casual and smart outfits. Many leather jackets can come in a variety of colours, with brown leather providing a more vintage look. Pair this with skinny jeans for an everyday style or smart trousers to add an edge to a formal outfit. 


Patterned shirts

For a more retro look, a patterned shirt can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe, from vibrant prints to floral designs and is a perfect piece to wear in the summer. To make the shirt a statement in your outfit, dress down with a pair of jeans or add chinos to create the ultimate look for special occasions. 



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