Love Island Encouraging Wholesale Branded Vintage Clothing

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Love Island has returned once again and, if you are an avid watcher of the show or on social media, you will have seen that the show has diverted from its usual fast fashion sponsors to the use of pre-loved and vintage clothing. This year, the show has chosen to partner with eBay to encourage more sustainable clothing choices and demonstrate to their largely impressionable audience that you can buy great clothing that is also vintage. As a UK vintage wholesale supplier, this has made us very excited indeed!

Why It’s a Great Step Forward for Bulk Buy Vintage Clothing

At The Vintage Wholesale Company, our mission is to encourage and support a more sustainable world of fashion by offering companies a variety of ways to shop for wholesale branded and designer vintage accessories and clothes. Environmentally, the world throws away 92 million tonnes of clothing per year and the clothing industry produces more CO2 than aviation and maritime transport combined (Mulhern, 2021). When popular shows such as Love Island showcase something like vintage clothing, it makes it more mainstream and accepted. It is also shown to an audience that may not have considered pre-loved clothing before!

How Should Brands Respond?

If an organisation is considering stocking pre-loved items, the first thing we would like to say is DO IT! It’s such a great way to diversify your business. As a UK vintage wholesale supplier, we stock a wide range of wholesale designer and branded pre-loved clothing, so you can recreate that Love Island feeling. Deciding to stock pre-loved clothing is an exciting time and at The Vintage Wholesale Company, we offer a variety of options for you to pick the items that suit your customer base. Learn more about us and what we do as a UK vintage wholesale supplier.

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