Making the Most of Your Wardrobe with Vintage Clothing

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We’ve all said it before “I’ve got nothing to wear” whilst staring into a wardrobe full of clothes. We want to help you achieve a happy, healthy wardrobe and we think we’ve got the perfect strategy. It comes in 3 stages; new clothes, vintage clothing and unwanted clothes.

New clothes

This is the one everyone gets excited about, walking around and picking up new items to add to your wardrobe, there’s nothing like it. We say that before you make the purchase take a minute to look at the clothes you are about to buy. Consider the quality, are these clothes built to last? When purchasing vintage clothes, you know that the material can stand that all important test of time. Have a nice healthy selection of high street vintage to show off your fabulous style.

Remade or Refashion

There is nothing stopping you from ripping up those old unwanted clothes at the back of your wardrobe and creating a beautiful new piece of clothes inspired by your unique style. It just takes a little bit of sewing, cutting and stitching to create a bespoke vintage piece. Plus no one else will have anything like it!

Unwanted Clothes

So, you have remade beautiful new clothes from a selection of unwanted items, but it would be pretty impossible to do that with everything. So rather than the inevitable fate of the bin, why not pass your clothes on to family or friends? Not sure about that, then there is always the option to take them to a charity shop too. Whichever route you decide on, just know that somehow you are helping another person who might find your old clothes to be a vintage treasure.

Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is becoming more and more popular and for good reason! With economic and environmental benefits, there hasn't been a better time to invest in vintage clothing. Whether you're looking for individual pieces or wholesale vintage clothing, here at The VWC we have everything you'll need!

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