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The Vintage Wholesale Company are proud to present to you our new and improved website. We are extremely excited about it and hope you all enjoy rummaging through our site.Located in the North East of England we are the premier supplier for quality, used clothing in the UK. We take pride in sourcing and grading the best vintage pieces from around the world, therefore it is important for us to make sure our website is equally as good. All the clothes in our warehouse have been graded to the highest standards, they all possess those unique, classic characteristics vintage clothing provides and we hope our website does too.Our new site will allow for easy browsing across all areas for men and women. We have focused on the concept of UI (user-friendly) to make your experience a lot easier, giving you the opportunity to explore everything VWC has to offer.The site now provides a variety of cool new features including new ways to keep up to date with the latest vintage clothing trends in Hull and the UK. You can meet our team, learn about the Vintage Wholesale Company and what we do. There is also the option to contact us, keep up to date with our new stock & latest pieces, learn more about ‘buy per kilo’ and how we distribute our exclusive attire across the UK.If you’ve already had a sneak peek at our site, you will see we have a wide variety of products available for everyone’s taste. Not sure if that shirt is going to suit you? With our new look book feature you can see how to mix and match your outfits and accessorize your one of a kind vintage style. We will also be displaying some of our favourite vintage looks for you to re-create or share with others.We will now have new stock online weekly, so make sure you’re always on trend with our new monthly blogs. These will consist of tips and tricks not just about clothing, but about other subjects such as maintaining your vintage wardrobe. We want to see individuals look their best with a vintage spin, therefore we’re going to provide tips to help you find the perfect items to ensure all our customers wear their vintage clothing with a one of kind feel and have uniqueness to their style.If you have any further questions for us, then feel free to use our contact feature and get in touch. The VWC team are always happy to cooperate and talk to you directly, we want all of our customers to have the best experience when buying from us.

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