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At The Vintage Wholesale Company, we take pride in offering the finest vintage clothing to customers worldwide. Furthermore, our collection of vintage clothing has caught the eye of many costume designers who are looking to style their actors for various films and TV shows.


Having previously partnered with Ealing Studios on different exciting projects, we have established a sterling reputation for delivering period-perfect clothes for a diverse range of films and shows, including the recent Netflix series called One Day.


One Day – a Netflix series


One Day is a Netflix limited series that tells the undying and decades-spanning love story of Dex and Em. The 14-episode British series showcases the never-ending patience and unconditional love these two people have for each other despite only meeting once on the same day every year.


One Day is a must-watch TV show that topped the charts in the second week of February, with over 10 million views. 


From warehouse to the big screen: How our vintage clothing became a hit in 'One Day' series


Beyond the success of One Day, we have loved seeing our pieces go from the warehouse to the big screen. It all started when the costume designer of One Day placed her order through the website after looking through our fantastic collection of men's and women's vintage clothing and finding some 80s-inspired pieces that were perfect for the character and the series past-to-life genre.


From men's Levis to women's high-waisted jeans and even sought-after items like Adidas sliders, the costume designer left no stone unturned in their quest for authentic wardrobe choices to capture the essence of the series.


Ludovic Robert | Netflix


The significance of costume design in film and TV

The way characters are dressed in movies and TV shows is an excellent way to capture different time periods, whether it's the bold patterns of the 1960s or the grunge look of the 1990s. Costume designers use a vibrant range of colours, especially in movies set in the 1980s or later, which is truly remarkable.


Step back in time with our vintage clothing collection

With our variety of vintage clothes, we can help you find the perfect pieces that capture the essence of a particular time period. In addition to clothing, we collaborate with you to find specific fashion trends, styling, and accessories


We are experts in helping bring the past to life in a way that feels authentic and immersive, which is why many of our clients, like Disney, Pinewood, ASOS, etc., approach us to find the perfect charm and nostalgia of yesteryear for the screen.


At The Vintage Wholesale Company, we offer a collection of clothing and accessories for both men and women. You can order online or schedule an appointment to visit our warehouse and handpick your own items. 

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