Remade Vintage Clothing — The Fashion-Forward Sustainable Option

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Remade vintage clothing is the latest trend taking the vintage clothing industry by storm, particularly for individuals with a strong interest in fashion and sustainability.

What is Remade Vintage Clothing?

Vintage clothing is becoming more and more popular but the term ‘remade vintage’ is still relatively unknown. Remade vintage is the idea of taking old clothing that has some wear and tear, or is not considered ‘fashionable’ anymore, and upcycling it with different fabrics and embellishments to transform it into a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. This is instead of throwing the worn out or unwanted clothing away, creating a more sustainable, planet-friendly option for clothes and crafting individualistic items that no-one else owns. Some people enjoy the journey and experience of revamping their clothes and putting their mark on them, but here at The Vintage Wholesale Company, we remake clothing in-house and sell them as a vintage wholesale option.

Our Wholesale Vintage Clothing Options

As a UK vintage wholesale supplier, it is only natural that we join the rem-made and pre-loved clothing movement as demand rises, interest soars and it helps the planet. We supply our vintage wholesale clothing, including wholesale designer vintage clothing, to a vast array of outlets throughout the UK and internationally.To suit the individual needs of our customers, we offer the option to buy in bulk or buy by the kilo. The items, including our remade vintage selection, can be picked by us or you can visit us to pick the items yourself. Contact us to discuss the different options for your business.

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