September Must Haves

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As the summer is drawing to a close a lot of us will be getting those summer holiday blues. The dreams of jetting off on a relaxing holiday, basking in the sun and working on that summer tan are slowly beginning to fade. Luckily for you, our vintage clothing looks incredible no matter season or country you’re in, so here’s our post summer essentials to ensure you look unique & stylish all year round.

Baggy T-Shirt
Here at VWC, we have t-shirts galore in a variety of different styles and colours. Whether it’s a branded box t-shirt or maybe a band top, we’ve got it all. These look great tucked into a skirt or some shorts, they’re also great if your shoulders get a little burnt and you need that extra coverage by the pool. Find gifts that suit your wife or daughters.

Bucket Hats
Not only practical, but extremely stylish too. We have lots of different bucket hats available in a variety of colours, perfect to mix and match with different outfits. They also provide great protection for your face and neck, so you can avoid a burnt, red nose on your holidays. I mean, what’s better than safe fashion?

Bum Bags
Following on with accessories, our vintage bum bags are another great buy for your holidays or in fact for anytime of the year. What better way to keep your essentials close than with a funky bum bag. There’s no hassle with long straps, or droopy handbags, the bum bag brings a whole new sense of ease.

Keep the summer going this September with a good old holiday shirt, whether it’s an embarrassing pineapple shirt that you’ve borrowed off your dad, or a bright pink one you bagged for £2 from a shack in Spain, they’re great fun. Our crazy vintage patterned shirts go down a treat. From your typical Hawaii shirt, to pink & green stripes, we’ve got a great bunch for you to choose from.

At VWC we stock a vast amount of vintage treasures, all of which make great additions for your wardrobe. Not only that, but with vintage fashion you can guarantee you’ll be one of a kind. For more information feel free to head over to our website or contact the team on 01482 216862.


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