The Vintage Wholesale Company FAQs

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The Vintage Wholesale Company are a leading vintage clothing supplier based in the UK. if you have a question about our vintage wholesale service, take a look at our top FAQs to find your answers!

How Can I Buy Wholesale Vintage Clothing?

Here at The Vintage Wholesale Company, there are three main ways to purchase our vintage clothing. First up is our hand-pick service. With this, you are able to come over to our warehouse and hand-pick your own items, taking only what you want. We have a huge warehouse with a ton of items available, so you’re sure to find some bits you love!Our second option is our buy-per-kilo service. With this, you can browse our online stock (or contact us for a full up-to-date stock list) and buy products by the kilo. This service is much cheaper than buying items individually. Please note that buying per kilo is not graded by us so you will receive a mix of grade A and B stock. Our final service is the ‘picked for you’ service. This is a perfect service for those not able to get to our warehouse and not wanting to buy per kilo. Our specially trained team will handpick and grade your items so you receive the best and current trends. With this service, you’re welcome to ask for specifics!

How Much Vintage Clothing Do You Have?

We have a huge warehouse full of absolutely everything vintage! If you’re worried we may not have something for you then you’re wrong. In fact, every month we import over 20 tonnes of vintage clothing!

How Much Vintage Can You Ship?

Whether it’s 20kg or hundreds of kilos, we have three main shipping types to get your wholesale vintage clothing to you.


Directly from our warehouse, we’re able to ship out boxes on a daily basis weighing up to 20kg. If you want just one box or ten boxes, we can get them directly to you! If you attend a handpick session and want your items delivered directly to your address hassle-free, this is also an option.


We have customers worldwide that we ship pallets of vintage treasures to. These are for customers who have bigger orders from handpicked sessions or orders that our specialist team have picked out for them.


Finally, we offer huge 20ft and 40ft containers full of vintage clothing and accessories. This option is mainly for specialised customers who require large orders of seasonal mixes.If you’re interested in getting a box, pallet or container of vintage clothing, get in touch with our team today!

Where Are You Based?

Our warehouse is based in Hull, East Yorkshire, giving us excellent transport links everywhere! No matter where you are in the UK, Europe, or World, we can get our vintage clothing to you!

How to Book Handpick Appointments?

One of our most popular services is our handpick appointments, giving you the opportunity to pick exactly the items you want! If you’re interested in booking a handpick appointment at our website, visit our bookings page.

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