Three Vintage Staples Every Wardrobe Needs

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The benefit of buying vintage wholesale clothing is not just the fact that it is good for the environment and will earn you sustainability points. Some items just look better vintage, with a story to tell. Even if you find something that is not in great quality you can always upcycle/repurpose it with a bit of TLC.

Whether you’re buying vintage clothing because you’re looking to stock up on statement pieces or you’re doing your bit for the environment. Here are three vintage staple items that just get better with age.

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Love Denim

Whether you’re filling your rails with dreamy Levis jeans or oversized denim jackets, vintage denim makes sense in style and sustainability. Did you also know that it takes up to 2,000 gallons of water to make a pair of jeans? If your items aren’t in perfect condition you can always upcycle them, allowing you to add your personal touch to your stock, in whatever style you want.

vintage clothing, vintage clothes men, vintage clothes women

Leather for Ever

You can’t go wrong with classic vintage leather jackets, whatever season, whatever the weather, leather is always a great way to spice up any outfit, everyone loves the authenticity of a vintage leather jacket.

Band T-shirts That Matter

Make sure your customers look the part this summer, every wardrobe needs a band t-shirt. Vintage band t-shirts can range from vintage sports teams and TV shows to the classic band t-shirt, adding individuality and a bit of punk to any customers look.

At VWC we stock a wide range of vintage clothing treasures, all of which make great additions to any retail store. Not only will your customers be one of a kind you’ll both also be earning some sustainability brownie points. For more information about our selection of wholesale products visit the rest of our website or contact the team on 01482 216862.


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