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As the UK’s longest running vintage clothing wholesaler and supplier, we have adapted to suit the needs of businesses over the years. We focus on building relationships with our customers, and this is why so many trust us and continue to reuse our vintage wholesale and supply services.

Wholesale Buying Options to Suit You

Over the years, we have developed various methods and options to be able to buy our vintage wholesale clothing. Not every business has the same means, and this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be accommodated for. This is why we offer three ways to buy our wholesale vintage clothing.

Pick it Yourself

The first way to buy vintage wholesale clothing from us is the pick it yourself method. We offer the option to come down to our North-East based warehouse and hand pick items. We receive bulk items every 4-6 weeks — don’t hesitate to contact us to find out specific dates. We offer appointments both during the week and on weekends with a £300 + VAT and £400 + VAT minimum spend respectively.

Buy Per Kilo

We offer the option to buy by the kilo both online — our website displays our different buy per kilo or contact us for a full up-to-date list of items. This options offer a lower cost per item than the ‘pick it yourself’ method as a mix of A and B grade items are included unless stated otherwise.

Picker for Your

If coming to the warehouse is difficult or not a possible option, a member of our trained team can the pick the items. Each item is priced individually and will be picked based on general request, current trends and grade of quality. Specific items cannot be requested as, with vintage clothing, it is not always possible to supply them. Book an appointment or contact us for more information.

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