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We are a vintage clothing warehouse in the city of Hull, and we take pride in sourcing and grading the best vintage clothing from around the world. We import 20 tonnes of vintage clothing every month which we grade to the highest quality ensuring there are no major holes, tears, or stains. Instead, they all possess those unique, vintage characteristics that we all love and admire.Here are some tips from your vintage clothing warehouse.Purchasing New ClothesBefore you buy clothes take a minute to think and ask yourself; are they good quality? Will they last a long time?Refashion and RemakingAre your clothes looking a bit worn and not really in with the current trend? By altering parts of your clothes, you can create new outfits and a unique style which nobody else can match.Unwanted ClothesIt’s inevitable that you may need to throw your old clothes out but before you do, consider where you send them.Being a vintage clothing warehouse in the UK means we can offer a range of different ways to purchase from us. We offer the following ways to buy:Pick It YourselfYou can come along to our warehouse and hand pick your own items, taking only what you want. With a large collection of different products, there is something for everyone. We receive bulk deliveries every 4-6 weeks and the minimum spend for this way to buy is £300 plus VAT – making it perfect for boutique stores.Buy Per KiloWith this option you also get to come along to our vintage warehouse and browse our buy per kilo sections. These items are not graded by us so you will receive a mix of a grade A and B stock, unless stated otherwise. You can also shop our kilo stock online, please note that our kilo stock is non-refundable.Picker For YouIf you can’t get to our vintage warehouse and do not wish to buy per kilo, not to worry. We offer a picker for you service. We have a trained team at our vintage warehouse who can pick your orders for you. Each item is priced per piece, and we will grade your order for quality and current trends as best as possible.You can check out our vintage warehouse here and view it in 360o here. If you would like any more information regarding our services and products then please contact us on 01482 216862 or email

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