Vintage Wholesale Clothing

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Vintage Wholesale Clothing UK

The demand for vintage clothing is booming right now and there’s a huge market for trends from the past giving that throwback style. We stock a huge range of the favourite vintage styles that your customers are looking for. Our stock is graded by us, and you have the option to hand pick, pay per kilo or we can hand pick items for you.Here are some of the vintage trends that are still very much dominating the vintage world:

  • Ladies Printed scarves
  • 90s sportswear
  • White Blouses
  • Funky prints
  • 90s flower dresses
  • Summer dresses
  • Retro trainers
  • 90s Denim

What can we do for you? Boxes – We ship out from as little as 1 box to as many as 10. We ship individual boxes on a daily basis weighing up to 20KG. If you come and hand pick and want your handpicked items shipping to your address hassle free, then we have this option also.Pallets – We have customers from all around the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world that we ship pallets filled with vintage treasures to.Containers – We offer 20ft and 40ft containers of vintage clothing, mainly for specialised customers that want seasonal mixes. We also offer the option to compile a special kilo price for the seasonal mix and containers just for you.For more information about our vintage wholesale service call us on 01482 216862 or email us

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