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Vintage Wholesale

As the first blog of the year, there’s plenty going on in the world of Vintage Wholesale for us to talk about, but first… Happy New Year! Here at The Vintage Wholesale Company, we’re kicking off 2022 with the latest vintage clothing which is available at wholesale from stock or online!So, whether you’re looking for the best vintage wholesale clothing or a reliable UK vintage wholesale supplier to purchase bulk stock, you’re in the right place.Read all about the vintage wholesale clothing we have available in 2022 and how we’re making the most of the new year.

How we’re making the most of the new year.

The Vintage Wholesale Company is known as the UK’s longest leading supplier of vintage wholesale clothing and we consider ourselves to have the best variety of both retro and premium vintage clothing available online.Not only that, we stock a wide range of vintage wholesale clothing and only ever select the best, high-quality clothing for our customers. Check out an example of our latest Moncler products below:

Moncler Vintage Wholesale

Ask for our high brand mix when you visit for handpicking we will point you in the right direction - limited edition Moncler 1 of 450 made! We pride ourselves on sourcing and grading the best vintage clothing from around the world, ensuring that we can offer premium quality, used clothing in the UK.All the vintage clothing in our warehouses has been graded to the highest standards, with no major holes, tears or stains. Instead, they all possess those unique, vintage characteristics that we all know, love and admire.We believe that everyone should be able to get the best quality products, which is why we offer multiple ways to buy for our clients, such as:


Come and handpick your own items, taking only what you want. We always have a large collection of different products available. We have something for everyone. We track current trends and receive bulk deliveries every 4 to 6 weeks. Book an appointment today. Our minimum spend is £300 plus VAT. Can request a weekend appointment also. Minimum spends for weekends are £400 plus VAT (Weekends).


With this option, you can browse our buy per kilo sections online or ask us for a full up to date kilo list. Items when buying per kilo are not graded by us so you will receive a mix of grade A and B stock unless stated. The price per kilo does reflect the grade and it's much cheaper than buying per item if you are looking for bulk stock. Kilo stock is non-refundable.


If you can’t get to us and don’t want to buy by the kilo. We can have our trained team pick orders for you. Items priced per piece. We will grade orders for quality and current trends as best as possible. You are welcome to ask us for specifics but as in vintage this isn’t always possible but we will always do our best to suit your needs. Why not ask us for a SKYPE* appointment so our team can show you examples of what we have available at any current time.* Skype appointment is for demonstration purposes only.Shop our vintage wholesale clothing range onlineor contact us today!So, in order for us to make the most of the new year, we’re striving to excel in the world of vintage wholesale and provide our clothes to an even greater extent than we have before… so that we can offer products of exceptional quality all year round!

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