What are the upcoming vintage trends for 2024?

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Upcoming vintage trends for 2024


This year is predicted to revive some of the classic fashion trends of the past. From sequined handbags to blazers and blouses, this year promises to be a delight for all fashion enthusiasts. Refresh your wardrobe with these fabulous and trendy pieces that are making a comeback in 2024!


Nine-to-Five Fashion 

Celebrities have embraced this corporate style of dressing, with Kendall Jenner recently showcasing a John Galliano two-in-one dress at Paris Fashion Week. This is a trend that is set to carry on in 2024 with pieces like blazers, blouses, shirts and many more pieces to take this style away from the office!


The 80s are making a comeback

This style invites pops of colours from electric blue to neon green, and you can see pieces with balloon hems, bow skirts, and angular and pronounced straps. This style could see the switch from the Y2K fashion that has been taking over the vintage market in recent years. Pieces within this style could include bomber jackets, trench coats and anything leather.


The Girlhood Aesthetic 

Ultra-feminine style is predicted to be a prominent trend in 2024 following the announcement of the TV series The New Look, which will highlight the rivalry between Dior and Chanel. In addition to this, the show could see 1950s fashion come into the spotlight, with pieces like cocktail dresses, wide skirts, floral prints, and more making a comeback.


Sequinned handbags and box bags

2024 is looking to be the year of more throwbacks! We're talking about glittering sequin bags and box bags that are making a comeback. These styles resemble the iconic Disney Channel stars like Ashley Tisdale. The trend is back in action after the release of the Barbie movie, where we saw these girlie and flamboyant pieces steal the show.


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