Why is Bulk Buy Vintage Clothing So Popular?

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For years, vintage and pre-loved clothing has been the new go-to for so many people. We’ve seen vintage clothing rise to popularity rapidly in recent years but why has vintage clothing and in particular, bulk buy vintage clothing become so popular?

The Benefits of Bulk Buy Vintage Clothing

One of the biggest factors that have led to the popularity of vintage clothing is simply the countless number of benefits it provides - whether that’s environmental or economic benefits, the list is endless.

Buying Bulk Vintage Clothing is Cheaper Per Item

When buying clothes, everyone wants the best possible deal. Whether you’re a large online store or you own a local vintage shop, you want to buy your clothes for the best price available. By buying clothes in bulk, the cost per item reduces significantly. This means, as a seller, you’re able to maximise profits and grow your business.

Vintage Clothing Sustainability

Not only is buying vintage clothing cheaper for you, it’s also extremely sustainable and helps combat the ever-evolving issue of fast fashion. When buying vintage clothing, no new clothing has to be made, no materials are going to waste and no energy is needed to create them. Plus, in many cases, it still looks as good as it did when it was first made!

Wide Variety of Styles

Bulk buying vintage clothing means that you’ll receive a specific type of clothing in a large quantity. In our kilo mixes, you will receive a huge selection of different colours & styles of the mix you order. For example, if you order the men’s vintage 90’s branded shell tops kilo mix, you will receive a number of different styles of shell tops from the 90’s. The wide variety you receive when you order vintage clothing means you’re able to cater for a larger audience when you later sell these products.

The Chance to Find a Vintage Gem

When you’re buying clothing in bulk, especially vintage clothing in bulk, there is a good chance that you’ll come across a gem worth much more than what you paid for the mix! Whether that be a vintage North Face jacket or a rare vintage designer jumper, the possibilities are endless and you never know what you may find!

Trusted Vintage Clothing Wholesale

Buying vintage clothing in bulk is an investment, as you need to lay out the money before selling it on. That’s why it’s essential that you buy from a trusted vintage clothing supplier. Here at The Vintage Wholesale Company, we take pride in sourcing and grading the best vintage clothing from around the world — we are one of the leading vintage clothing suppliers in the country. And, with three different ways to buy your vintage clothes, there isn’t a more reliable supplier around. To get your bulk buy vintage clothing and take advantage of our free delivery offer, check out our website!

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