Why use the VWC?

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We take pride in sourcing and grading the best vintage clothing for men and women from around the world. Bringing you one of kind stylish pieces you’ve never seen before, so you can avoid those embarrassing outfit clashes.

There are many reasons why the VWC is the one for you, we go above and beyond to find your new wardrobe essentials so here’s just a few examples:Picker for youIf you’re looking for more specific items and you’re struggling to get to us, our trained team can hand pick orders for you. We will provide you with an array of current trends and top-quality pieces to accommodate your style. We can even provide a skype call, so we can show you some examples of what we’ve picked out.Pick it yourselfIt’s all well and good having an endless supply of vintage clothing, but with everyone having a unique sense of style we’re all going to like different clothes. We provide a ‘pick it yourself’ option where you can book an appointment to come and pick your favorite items from our warehouse in Hull.Buy Per KiloDue to our wide variety of vintage clothing we even offer a buy per kilo option, this is where you can browse our buy per kilo section online and ask us for a full up to date kilo list. This kilo of vintage clothing is not graded by us, but if you enjoy buying in bulk and like an assortment of vintage treasures this one’s for you.Bulk Buying For all those who are vintage obsessed, there is even the option to bulk buy, this is where containers ranging from 20ft to 40ft, can be sold full of iconic branded clothing all across the globe. We even supply boxes and pallets of clothing too, depending on just how much vintage you require.Our team have a true passion for vintage, and that’s why we want to ensure each and every one of you can enjoy our vintage wonders, whether you’re in Europe or not we will work together to suit you. At the VWC we’re flexible and want you to enjoy our clothing just as much as we do.

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