Your Guide to Handpicking & Bulk Buying Vintage Clothing

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Vintage Clothing has been on the rise in popularity and accessibility for years and for good reason! It’s unique, it’s diverse, it’s rare and best of all, it’s better for the environment than fast fashion clothing! Here's your guide to handpicking & bulk buying vintage clothing. But, how can you get hold of vintage clothing for yourself? Here at The VWC, we offer a number of ways to buy your vintage clothing, whether that’s through our buy per piece or buy per kilo, our in-person handpick appointments or our picked for you service.

Benefits Buying Vintage Clothes in Bulk

There are a few reasons why you may want to consider buying your vintage clothing in bulk, whether you’re a business wanting to stock vintage clothing or you just want to add extra options to your wardrobe, buying in bulk can hold many benefits, including:

  • Saving you money by the cost per item being significantly cheaper.
  • Saving the environment by reducing pollution.
  • Vintage clothing is made of quality products — it will last!
  • Vintage clothing is extremely unique and, often quite rare.
  • Buying vintage in bulk gives you a huge range of different styles and opportunities!

What’re you waiting for?

How to Bulk Buy Vintage Clothing

At The VWC, we have a few ways you are able to buy your clothing in bulk. As previously mentioned, you are able to handpick, order online or get one of our experts to pick for you. But what do these options all mean and which is best for you?

Order Online

Through our website, you are able to buy products either per piece or per kilo, these options are great for individuals/resellers who are looking to add a few pieces to their collections but not wanting to invest as much as businesses would otherwise do. Check out our full product page to see what we have available!For businesses, ordering online is ideal no matter the shipment size. We are able to cater for small orders to very large wholesale orders.

Handpick Appointments

At The VWC, we offer personal handpick appointments for you to come to our warehouse and have a dedicated slot for you to go through our stock and pick what you want to purchase. This easy, straightforward process is perfect if you want to know exactly what you’re getting.Simply choose a date and time best for you and get down to the warehouse. If you’re arriving by train or need an extra day of picking, we’re more than happy to sort out the transport to and from the station and arrange overnight accommodation! For more information, check out the website!

Shipment Types

We ship tour vintage treasures for customers all over the world, offering three main shipment types — boxes, pallets and containers. We ship out as little as 1 box up to 20 on a daily basis weighing up to 20kg, perfect for them smaller orders or your handpicked sessions! If you have a larger order, do not worry! Pallets and containers are for larger orders. Whether you have ordered online or handpicked at our warehouse, our pallet shipment option will get your vintage clothes to you! Or, if you need a bigger option, we offer 20ft and 40ft containers to get your vintage garms to you! No order is too big for us here at The VWC!If you need any more information on buying in bulk, coming for a handpick appointment or our shipping options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today!

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