Vintage Levis Black Mixed Series

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Take a look at these Levi’s Mixed Series Jeans. An item to have all year round. We have mix of series and sizes for both men and women. This is a fantastic vintage classing and will be a statement in your store. Your customers will love them and you can pair them with any vintage item/accessory. This is a Vintage Levis Black Mixed Series Lot and you will receive a complete mixture of sizes and style within your order.

Condition/Mix Grades -
  • You may have fading or some wear
  • There may be some marks or tears
  • Minor fades to the knees
  • Minor wear too the inner crotch seams
  • May be some signs of wear : including fraying to the hems or pocket edge, bottom of the back leg, minor marks, alterations to the hem

This is a Per Kilo Complete Bag and has not been sorted or graded. This means we can not guarantee anything in terms of sizes, colours or patterns. You may receive some damaged and/or stained items within this lot. However, this is unavoidable and comes as part of the nature of buying Vintage Clothing ungraded. If you have any queries regarding buying our products by weight please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The images show a fair representation of what you will receive in your order. However, you will not receive the specific items in the images. The listing shows Vintage Levis Black Mixed Series Lot as a complete mix. In Addition, we cannot guarantee specific requirements such as sizes, colours or materials due to the nature of vintage items. Alternatively, we do offer a handpicking service at our warehouse if you would like to handpick to your specifics. See our 'About' page for more information. This lot is for Vintage Levis Black Mixed Series. We do also have different Jeans and Trousers available.

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