Vintage VS High Street

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High Street fashion is extremely popular with brands such as Topshop and Miss Selfridge dominating the streets, but is Vintage better?Obviously, we’re going to be bias, however we don’t necessarily dislike high street clothing. Recently, Topshop have implemented vintage clothing in their new collection “Topshop Boutique” so evidently vintage clothing is making its way back on to the high street.Vintage fashion also seems to be taking to the red carpet. Fashion icons such as Alexa Chung and Kate Moss are real staples in the vintage world. Chung is known for her coveted style, and she’s not afraid to sport vintage shift dresses & accessories. Similarly, Kate Moss is always spotted shopping at London’s Camden & Portobello markets, she describes vintage as “her thing.”With not only the high street, but the red carpets being dominated by vintage, surely Vintage Fashion is the way forward?When you look at what products are driving the high street currently, a lot of what is selling is in fact vintage. In our recent 2019 wardrobe refresh blog, we touch on animal print & slogan t-shirts and that’s exactly what is selling today. Sarah Moore, senior buyer at Pretty Little Thing says “Animal is huge for us at the moment – on any item. Whether it be dresses, tops, shoes, swimwear or coats, it’s big.” [Source: Drapers]Even menswear is edging more towards vintage with brighter colours and risky fabrics. Alex Field, Menswear Design Director at Reiss says “Men’s fashion seems to have grown in confidence, being bolder with colour and taking risks with fabrics and details” [Source: Drapers]With vintage fashion growing more than ever, we are proud to say we source and grade the best vintage clothing from around the world. We’ve got your back when it comes to vintage, and we’ll make sure you’re smashing every trend with our one of a kind vintage treasures.For more information about us or any of our items feel free to browse the rest of our website or e-mail us at

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